Absence requests easily made and validated

All of your employees have a personnal online area where they can make absence requests in just a few clicks. The requests are automatically submitted to their supervisors for approval and registered in Nereo Leave.

Advanced features:

  • Online requests, tracked & exportable

  • Notifications by emails & reminders for the managers

  • Clear vision of the balances (up-to-date or in the futur)

  • Up to 2 levels of approval

  • Approval substitution in case of the supervisor’s absence

A schedule of the absences always updated

The schedule of the absences in your company is always up-to-date. The employees can see either their schedule only or the one of their team. Administrators have a global vision of the company schedule.

Advanced features:

  • Clear vision of the absences

  • Display by types of absence or by request status.

  • Schedule organized by groups of users (agency, department,...)

  • Possibility to limit the schedule vision for the users

  • Monthly payroll export

Many data ready to download

Nereo offers you complete data exports. In addition to general statistics about entitlements, you will easily know the absenteeism rate in your company, and save time by avoiding double-entries (HR & accouting) thanks to the payroll exports.

Advanced features:

  • Payroll exports

  • Lunch vouchers count

  • Export for the final settlement of an ending contract

  • Monthly export for the employee of the number of days actually worked.

  • Validations history

Unlimited types of absences

You can create as many types of absences as you need. Annual Leave, maternity, sick...etc: any absences can be configured in Nereo Leave.

Advanced features:

  • Absence count by hours, by working days, working days (saturdays incl.) or by calendar days

  • Automatic management of monthly or annual entitlements

  • Leave management for every countries

  • Overtime management (Additionnal feature)

  • Full-time, part-time: any rhythm of work managed

Full & precise absences rules

Set up all your company rules in a few clics. Thanks to the numerous existing rules in Nereo Leave, and the possibility to configure them with your specificities, you can easily adapt the software to your needs.

Advanced features:

  • Automatic calculation of the annual leave, of the fractioning...etc

  • Entitlement prorated depending on the starting date of the employee

  • Absences entitlements can be affected by other absences (sick leave, unpaid leave)

  • Entitlement periods can be defined depending on your rules

  • Warning or blocking when the requested days are off the consumption period

Many operations for more flexibility

Thanks to the various operations, the leave management is easier: manual balance modification, leave imposed, absence balances transfer...

Advanced features:

  • Leave can be imposed by the administrator or the supervisor

  • Balances can be manually adjusted (in case of exceptionnal entitlement or consumption)

  • Balances can be transfered between different types of absences

Customized calendars

Each employee requests his absences from his own calendar in Nereo Leave where he sees his days off (weekends, public holidays, part-time…). If you use Outlook or Google Agenda in your company, you can synchronize it with Nereo Leave.

Advanced features:

  • Public holidays can be configured for every country

  • Synchronization with Outlook calendars

  • Synchronization with Google Agenda

Easy-to-use software and responsive helpdesk

No need to be a highly-skilled computer scientist to handle and use Nereo thanks to its simplicity. A complete and regularly updated FAQ is directly integrated in the software, tutorial videos are also available. Our entire support team is here to answer your questions and help you to take the best of Nereo Leave.

Advanced features:

  • User-friendly

  • FAQ

  • Video tutorials

  • Support team that answers your questions