About Nereo

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Nereo was created at the end of 2011 based on the following assumption: companies are more and more interested in getting rid of tedious and complex management tasks. The automation would become a standard, especially when it comes to support functions such as HR.

By working on the absence management, Nereo chose to dematerialize a very complex and time-consuming mission, in order to help companies focus on their core business.

Thanks to the SaaS model, Nereo offers softwares that can be set up very fast, frequently updated, and affordable for any king of company.

The complementarity of our team members made us able to built a complete solution either technically speaking or in terms of customer support. With Nereo, the HR dematerialization is now easily accessible.

The team

Rémi Cournil Onur Çelebi Julie Girard Léa Januel Rejoignez nous