Motivate sales in a geeky (and ridiculous) way

In good startup fashion, we have the "growth obsession" in our blood. We have a very strict sales process and we have talented business developers. However, biz dev world is quite far from me, and I was looking for a way to congratulate sales guys every time they got an important customer.

I like to think that everything is possible by programming, even the most human values, such as "motivating people". I don't have any difficulties to motivate myself as long as I have to do something which deals with programming, maths or music (but the choice of this comic on the wall is hardly arbitrary)

But motivating people requires to be very persuasive, and not everyone is Steve Jobs. Protip : posing like Steve Jobs doesn't give you persuasion talent magically. True story.

The birth of Congratulator

So I coded Congratulator (sorry for the name), it's a small sip bot written in python which :

  • Detects on the CRM that a lead became a customer
  • Generates a congratulation text, and transforms it to a sound with a synthetic voice. For that, I use google translate.
  • Makes a phone call to the biz dev to congratulate him in person. The call is made over SIP protocol, by using pjsip lib. When the sales guy answers the phone, a synthetic voice speaks to him with a very monotone speech.

The result is:

Making phone calls is really easy with pjsip library :

lib = pj.Lib()

# Init library with default config
lib.init(log_cfg = pj.LogConfig(level=3, callback=log_cb))

# Create UDP transport which listens to any available port
transport = lib.create_transport(pj.TransportType.UDP)

# Start the library

acc = lib.create_account(pj.AccountConfig(SIP_HOST, SIP_LOGIN, SIP_PWD))

acc_cb = MyAccountCallback(acc)

# acc = lib.create_account_for_transport(transport)

# Make call
call = acc.make_call(CALL_SIP_URI, MyCallCallback())

More ridiculous, more efficient

The funny thing is the difference between expressed feelings and the monotony of the voice. That's why I'd had to do something really exaggerated.

To accentuate the gamification side, the script generates a different text every time. The sales guy doesn't know what he/she will hear before answering the phone call :

Did you ever received congratulations from such a monotonous voice?

Want to try it at home? Get the code on github (it's not very clean but usable), so you can congratulate your sales automatically, make them laugh or simply make prank calls to your friends.